Investment and Entrepreneurship Do Not Make a Better World

by Vince Cannon | 1/28/97 6:00am

To the Editor:

Flipping through last Friday's copy of The Dartmouth,[Jan. 17] I became disoriented, confused, and afraid ... for a moment I thought I was reading the Wall Street Journal or perhaps a series of articles entitled "Big Green Says, 'Mmm, Capitalism!'" Not only was the entire Weekend Gazette section about our fine young entrepreneurs and the oodles and oodles of money they have made "investing" (read: pushing paper around), but the cover was graced with the Bolivian Ambassador to the United States telling us just how dandy capitalism has been for him.

I have yet to see a Weekend Gazette section about Dartmouth students dedicating themselves to community service or careers that may bring about positive change but -- gasp! -- do not make them or their loving parents personally wealthy. And while the "economic renaissance" in Bolivia may be doing wonders for the "more than 60 percent of private companies investing in Bolivia's large economic sectors" that come from foreign markets, I have yet to see a cover article describing how these reforms affect the real people of Bolivia. I suppose it can't be that important if Dartmouth hasn't sponsored a forum of Bolivian workers, though, can it?

Maybe sometime in the future we will get to see an article in the D entitled "Dartmouth boasts history of caring, giving humans" as opposed to "successful businesspeople." Maybe. If students at the Big Green think that investing in Nike or the Disney Co. will make a better world, they truly have the "granite of New Hampshire" in their brains.